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WARNING! This site is not a pornographic site but some of the content of Willie Warmers by Jimmie might offend some viewers so proceed at your own discretion.

Rainbow WillieThe whole idea of a Willie Warmer website started with the innocent photo at the left. The photo was sent to me one day by a lady friend wondering if I might have a pattern for a willie warmer. You bet I did. Little did she know at that time what she started. I spent the next two days surfing the internet for information and patterns. One of the surprising bits of information I discovered was that Willie Warmers were actually knitted during the war and sent to the service men who actually wore them. The information and patterns available on the internet are wide and varied. What I am going to offer here Willie Warmers is a combination of surfing, my own ideas, and a few ideas of others. I shall offer a wide variety of Willie Warmers as far as styles, colors, and size even custom sizes if need be so just about everyone's taste and purpose should be available.

I have several styles and colors of Willie Warmers to offer, on the Willie Warmers page you will see all the styles of Willie Warmers that I have to offer along with the current prices and colors. I am also offering hand knitted Jock Straps and a handmade Willie Pack.

I am the manufacturer, shipping, receiving, and designer of this little internet affair, so if you do not see whatever you heart desires in color, style and yes even size just shoot me an Email. I will give every request for anything whatever it might be my fullest attention. When I say a request for anything I basically mean just that, if there is an item that you would like to see added here I will see what I might be able to design.


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Jimmie aka MO Hillbilly
Age: 70+
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Seventy-something gay man, that is not in a committed relationship, who loves knitting way more than he should. I do both hand and machine knitting and have done some spinning and will do more.

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